December 4

Personal Training: Does One Size Really Fit All?

Personal Training: Does One Size Really Fit All?

We believe Small Group Personal Training with the guidance of an expert coach is the optimal approach to working out and achieving results, taking the community feel, connection and energy of large group sessions and combining with the tailored approach and coaching expertise of 121 PT.

We often get asked how a beginner slots into the group training environment alongside others who have perhaps been training longer or who are at a different experience level. The answer is through the correct prescription of exercise and the way in which it is tailored to the individual.

After an initial movement screen and consultation our coaching team will understand what is appropriate for the individual in question and be able to shape the approach and path of progression accordingly.

This means that although personal training alongside others, the specific workout may look slightly different from person to person according to their specific needs and is one of the benefits of having a coach- an individualised approach!

A ‘one size fits all’ approach only works for so long.

Coaching based around the individual is the future and the pathway to unlimited progression!

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