Raw Inc. Survivor Series

What Is Raw Inc. Survivor Series?

RAW Inc Survivor Series is a friendly competition aimed towards testing your fitness levels in a competitive environment.

The Survivor Series is not solely a strength based competition but will instead focus on a variety of fitness componenets including cardiovascular endurance and strength endurance using low skill exercises to build workouts that will be accessible to the majority (if unsure get in contact with us to find out!)

The 2018 Survivor Series will be a partner based event with same and mixed sex pairs allowed, however they will be completing scaled workouts to allow for differences between sexes and also ensure the day is competitive. You sign up online as an individual and will either be allocated into a pair or you can email us to let us know if you have a teammate already signed up.

Entry costs £20 and includes a competitors
t-shirt, NOCCO drink and prizes for the winners!

When is Survivor Series?

RAW Inc Survivor Series will take place on Sunday 29th April. The competition starts at 1:00pm and will finish around 4:00pm. Use the link below to sign up or if you have any questions drop us an email by clicking here clicking here.

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