The gateway to training success

This is the starting point for anyone wishing to become a member at RAW Inc. It is a chance for you to test us, test yourself and experience our unique approach to fitness and getting results. During this 30 day mentorship you will learn about your goals, your drivers and what it takes to reach those goals in a community based environment. The Academy works through a 5 step process combining 121 personal training, group exercise and nutrition coaching, building the foundation for success with RAW Inc.

Step One
This initial session addresses your goals and identifies where we need to get you to in order to be successful. We also teach simple nutritional strategies relevant to you that can be implemented and help you move closer towards your goal.

Step Two
Working with a member of our team we will teach you the fundamental exercises commonly seen during RAW Inc workouts preparing you for training in a group environment and allowing you to hit the ground running in your first class.

After the session is complete your trainer will create a personalised class timetable to best suit your needs and goals.

Step Three
With the fundamental moves under your belt it's time to step into the classes suggested by your trainer. Its in these sessions you’ll get to experience what truly effective training looks like and also get a feel for the community vibe at RAW Inc which is a great motivator both on and off the gym floor.

Step Four
At the mid point of your 30 day mentorship we will book a session in to review your food log, track your development and find out how you’re getting on to see if there’s any changes we can implement to take your progress up another level.

Step Five
During this session we’ll assess your time in the RAW Academy. This involves reviewing your progress made over the last 30 days so you can really see how effective training with us is. We will also help you identify the best way to achieve your long term goals moving forwards with RAW inc.

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