What Is RAW:24 ?

RAW:24 is a performance based class where we track numbers and times in order to drive improvement and help each individual develop.

We have created 24 workouts that are performed on a quarterly cycle with the goal of improving the result achieved in the session each time it's completed over the course of the year.

These workouts take place in a 30 minute session consisting of a variety of cardio, resistance and body weight exercises and are scalable in order to encourage participation from all fitness levels, however we look to ensure high standards of exercise performance to ensure not only safety but consistency for all participants.

The sessions do place focus on recording reps and times, however this is not essential and the class will still provide a great workout whether your focus is on progression and development or not.

When is RAW:24?

Monday 7.15pm & Thursday 7.45pm

How much does RAW:24 cost?

£5 per session

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