All class formats below are available to members however there is limited access for Pay As You Go visitors. The only way to become a full member is via the RAW Academy or the 8 Week Challenge onboarding session. This provides you with full class access, and ensures you have the required fundamental skills in place when training with RAW Inc.

If time is precious then RAW HIIT is just the thing! RAW HIIT is a 30 minute continuous exercise class based around intervals of high & low intensity work, using both cardio & low skill resistance based exercise, it is a great way to build fitness as well as strip fat! The session is suitable for all abilities and as with all RAW Inc sessions, all we ask is that you give it your best effort whatever that may be!

£8 per session / 30 mins

Back to basics, no frills circuit training that packs a punch in just 45minutes! A great cardio workout that always contains a varied range of exercises keeping it fresh, interesting and most of all challenging. This session allows you to work individually and go at your own pace, so whether you’re just starting out, or are more experienced in the gym, you’re guaranteed an effective workout with RAW Fit.

£8 per session / 45 mins

Our 60 minute Bootcamps focus on functional fitness using resistance based exercise from kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells, combined with cardio based work to build a solid level of fitness and general conditioning. These sessions cater solely for our memberships not pay as you go and because of this we can include more complex exercises to ensure progress is always being made.

Bootcamp EXPRESS
The offering at Bootcamp Express is like our standard Bootcamp sessions, however its condensed into a 30minute session and omits the higher skill exercises. Although shorter in duration the intensity is still high and the workout just as effective.

Available To Members Only

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This is the place to learn and develop the basics of safe, effective lifting under the tuition of our top coaching team. Before progressing into the full Iron sessions every member must complete the Iron Tech session and reach the required standards.

Available to Members only

The weekday Iron sessions follow a monthly periodised plan focused on the basics of lifting including, deadlifts, squats in all forms and pressing variations. The focus is on sound execution and the use of variables including tempo and rest periods. The Iron program moves through rotations of strength and fat loss training throughout the year but can be attended at any stage of the cycle.

Available to Members only

This workout is the progression on from our weekday Iron classes incorporating a more dynamic workout in the form of a high-level strength and conditioning session. The advanced nature of the class means that participants should have attended the weekday Iron sessions for a consistent period of time, to display their competency in the basic lifts.

Available to Members only

121 Coaching offers the most tailored approach to achieving your goals, with a training programme, diet plan and coaching sessions devoted purely to achieving the desired results. Through these sessions your Coach will look not only to make steps towards the established goal but also provide education and insight so the client can develop their own understanding and apply it to their training.

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Private Small Group Training is designed to provide an accessible and affordable personal training service for groups ranging from 2-4 people. The small group size allows for a more tailored approach to training then in large group training classes, making for a more effective workout catering for the group’s common goal.

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