What Is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a full body workout where no 2 sessions are ever the same, instead we use novel and varied training methods to build fitness, strip fat and get you healthy!

Don’t be fooled by the term 'Bootcamp' we don't claim to be former military personnel, we don’t kick dirt in your face when your down and we don’t shout at you or send you home in tears. We are fitness professionals working in a welcoming and fun, yet challenging atmosphere to bring you a mixed and unique training experience.

To ensure everyone gets the most from a Bootcamp session, all workouts are scalable to match your current ability, with mixed ability sessions, and if you really want to test the water first we run a Beginners Bootcamp which gives a great introduction to the training routines and principals at Raw Inc. designed to prepare you to become a healthier individual whatever your fitness level.

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