Why Raw Inc?

Results are achieved, friendships are made.
There's something for everyone at Raw Inc.


Why Raw Inc?

Between the team at RAW Inc we’ve got over 35years experience in the fitness industry and the one resounding thing that sticks out is the failure of the conventional ‘Health Club’ to actually produce results.

They took your money but in return the client wasn’t getting a lot back aside from a free water bottle or maybe a new gym bag, which ultimately wasn’t making you feel confident at the beach or making that run for the train any easier.

Now we understand that some people just enjoy the feeling of exercising but we wanted more then that and that is when RAW Inc was born- we’re a little rough around the edges and there’s definitely no free water bottles or bags but instead we place our focus on getting the results our attendees are paying for.

It does require hard work and it isn’t easy but when you’re surrounded by likeminded individuals who drag you along when you’re struggling and who you motivate when they have their own off days, things happen- fitness improves, strength goes up, body fat drops, health improves and friendships are forged.

RAW Inc is based on a community of people who want to be better, all in their own ways, but whatever that may be they’re in the trenches grafting together to be the best people they can be, which again in our experience was missing from the gyms and health clubs we’d experienced previously.

So Why Raw Inc?

Results are achieved, friendships are created and most of all- excuses about your age, ability or current fitness ability are all void- As long as you want to work hard, we’ve got something for you.