Wild Weekends Hindering Fat Loss?

Learn how to stop the wild weekends catching up on you.


Wild weekends hindering progress?

If you’re not seeing the fat loss progress you’d like and you’re a weekend warrior who keeps the training & nutrition tight during the week, but lets things slide on the weekend then this one’s for you!

You stick to your diet firmly during the week, you even get your training in too but come Friday evening its time to ease off a little bit, relax and enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that you’ve been good all week, and you’ve deserve a drink or 2! Come Monday its back to the grind, hitting the gym and once again keeping the food tight however there’s 1 problem with this routine and it’s that you don’t seem to be progressing-the measurements don’t seem to be dropping and the definition you want to see in the mirror isn’t appearing.

Now it’s pretty obvious why, the weekends are catching up with you and the hard work you do all week is being undone by the weekend warrior mentality where your calorie intake shoots up so much it means 3 steps forward in the week, followed by 4 steps back on the weekend.


What can we do about it? You don’t want to live like a monk as you enjoy socialising and the food and drink that comes with that, but at the same time you want to make progress with your training and body composition goals.

Well, if you plan ahead and account for the extra calorie intake from food and drink that you have at the weekend then you can get around this to ensure you still hit the calories required for fat loss. This perhaps isn’t the optimal way to get results however if you do live for the weekend but still want to see the pay off from your efforts in the gym then this is one approach you could take.


The example above is purely theoretical and the calorie goals and totals would be specific to you as an individual, and may even incorporate training and non-training day calorie goals however this basic approach would ensure we are correctly using the calories in vs calories out equation, discussed in the previous article, and that is the foundation of seeing any fat loss progress.

Further discussion could consider the quality of the foods consumed over the weekend and the effects this has on health & fat loss, the effects alcohol has on fat loss, and also the potential for binge eating on the weekends and the health and psychological effects connected with this.