2 Stone Lighter, 3 Dress Sizes Smaller!

Stephanie decided enough was enough,
and found a new family training with Raw Inc


Time For a Change!

In November 2016 I was sitting in the pub with some friends and with the Christmas season pending, I felt fat, unhealthy and unfit. I had always enjoyed the gym and being active but being a part-time baker and a real foodie, I was also eating excessively and probably drinking a bit too much too, meaning I was undoing any positive work I was putting in and it showed.

I had seen a few friends go to Raw and their results had been really impressive, so I took the plunge and signed up to the January 8 week challenge before ever stepping foot through the door. As soon as I arrived for the introduction seminar I knew I was going to enjoy being a member there. I was a member at Gymbox near Work and had left my membership running just incase I didn’t enjoy Raw but that got quickly cancelled as I started to get involved in the classes.

The first few weeks were tough. I felt out of breath just during the warm up. I couldn’t do a press up, I’d struggle to run the length of the car park and I certainly couldn’t lift the weights I can now. Every single session is different and with support and encouragement from everyone who is in room, they are always fun and that helps you reap the rewards at the end of the sessions. The trainers are always around to push you a little harder or a little heavier and with their encouragement I’ve hit a few new PBs too!

By the end of my first 8 week challenge I had shifted over 7kg and a total of 90cm’s! I felt fantastic and after becoming single after a long relationship, it was exactly the confidence booster I needed!

A year down the the line and I embarked on my second 8 week challenge. This time it feels different! I understand more about the food that fuels my body, I’ve learnt to push myself in the sessions but also outside too! But this challenge really was different because I sadly lost my Dad 3 weeks in.

Now, I know that everyone says that Raw is so much more than just a gym, but it really is. Coming to Raw kept me sane. It was a little safe haven that I could escape to every day and gave me something to focus on. The love and support from the trainers and other members was amazing and that was really the time when I realised I had made true friends for life. I honestly feel so lucky to have joined such a fantastic gym.

So I want to say a big thank you to everyone Raw but a special shout out to Chloe...thank you for helping me face fears, feel better and including me in your little (rather big) family! Thanks to you guys I’m over 2 stone lighter, 3 dress sizes smaller and stronger and more confident than ever. There’s always room for improvement and I can’t wait to keep going and see what the next 12 months brings for me.

- Stephanie