8 Week Challenge Completed!

Sophie learnt a lot about diet & exercise and was more motivated than ever after seeing positive results.


I would recommend RAW to anyone!

Joining Raw in January 2018 has probably been the best new year decision I have ever made. Embarking on my first 8 week challenge taught me a lot of things I didn't know about diet and exercise. I also learnt that going to the gym isn't so bad. Raw is a place of inspiration, motivation and positivity. Without everyone there pushing you to your absolute best I would of never got through those 8 weeks. Finally finishing the challenge and seeing my results inspired me to carry on going to Raw.

In July 2018 unfortunately I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which was a shock as usally this is genetic but no one in my family has this. After 3 nights in A&E, multiple blood tests and understanding my insulin intake I was finally ready to return to Raw. When informing the Raw team about my new diagnosis they were so supportive and made sure I knew they was there for help when needed.

This inspired me to sign up to the September 8 week challenge to see what results I could get whilst managing sugar levels and insulin intake. This time round was more of a challenge as I found out that I needed carbs with every meal to spike my insulin and keep my sugars at a good level. Carbs were my best friend for those 8 weeks and taught me so much about them (They are not the devil after all). 6.2kg down and 36.5 cm off overall, it is safe to say it works.

Honestly don't know where I would be without everyone at RAW. They really are the best.

P.S this is not just a gym. It's a place of friendship, family, guidance and happiness. Would recommend RAW to anyone!

Sophie Mcarthy - 26