An Inspiring Success Story!

Sheena has shown that through hard work and dedication,
you can achieve things you thought were never possible!


An Inspirational Fitness Transformation

I joined RAW in October 2014 following a recommendation from a friend who would always say how much she enjoyed going to the classes. I was a little apprehensive about coming as I assumed it would be like most other gyms where men stand around flexing their muscles and women sit on their yoga mats in leggings and a tiny crop top…how wrong was I?!

I really enjoyed the classes but having been in the ‘I can’t lose weight’ mind-set for so long, I had almost given up hope of getting that ‘summer body’. It wasn’t until I saw a few pictures of myself from a recent holiday, I decided that something really had to change. So in 2015 I completed two 8 week challenges and they became the absolute turning point for me. It sounds silly but it wasn’t until then that I realised I had to seriously alter my diet to coincide with the exercise in order to actually see the results I wanted.

By the end of the year I had lost weight, felt fitter, gained confidence and just felt healthier in myself. My approach to food and exercise had now completely changed and it was all about maintaining this going forward…with the odd cheat meal of course!

The atmosphere at RAW is brilliant and will always be why people love coming here. The trainers are very welcoming andare always on hand to help with technique and form whilst encouraging you to push through those barriers. As there are people of all ages and abilities at Raw, you never feel self-conscious or worried about how you look, so you’re able to enjoy the classes and get the best out of them. I’ve made some great friends who I love training and socialising with and we all know RAW love a good social night out!

Some of my family and friends thought I wouldn’t stick it out but 3 and a half years later, I’m still here and loving it. Thank you to the RAW fam for helping me to believe in my ownability and always reminding us that goals are 100% achievable with the right attitude, a bit of hard work and lots of dedication.

- Sheena Nicholson