Randeep Finds Encouragement!

After never really pushing himself at other gyms,
the buzz at Raw Inc gave Randeep the motivation he needed!


"RAW Inc Is Truly A Family!"

I had been using high street gyms like Fitness First and Virgin Active and had become comfortable and complacent in my training. I never really pushed myself or try new exercise and I just wasn’t seeing results.

Coming to RAW Inc was a blessing in disguise as I had a gym membership through work which was not renewed and I was fed up of not getting anywhere with the high street gyms and wanted a new challenge. I had seen posts about RAW Inc on social media and it always looked interesting and different. Having a quick read on the website about the class types and other member’s stories was enough to convince me to join.

I have got so much out of joining RAW Inc – It truly has changed my life!

Prior to joining I was overweight, unfit and pedestrian in my training. After being a member for about 6 weeks and not really pushing myself or going as many classes I got an email from the guys asking if I wanted to move down a tier as I wasn’t utilising my membership and that was the kick I needed, I’ve never known a gym to actually care about their members getting the most out of their membership as they’re usually happy to collect the money.

That push led me to doing the 8 week challenge last April and then the one that followed immediately after it – I lost three stone and went from a 40 inch to 32 inch waist – My entire physique had changed. I was recently shown an old picture of me at the beginning of 2017 and that version of me looked like it had eaten the current me.

I love that no two classes are ever the same and the constant encouragement not only from the trainers but other members is the best – I have been pushed to what I thought were my limits yet still find that I am continually pushing myself further doing exercises that I never imagined I would or could do.

The personalised approach and training plans that Tom has always done for me and his constant belief in people to achieve their goals and encouraging me to go for the heavier weight or do those extra reps is so motivating. To have someone that has belief in you like that is so motivating that I want nothing more than to be better and continually improve.

The slogans posted around the unit for example ‘Be Better, ‘Success is a Group Activity’ are so true! Each of the trainers carries this and instils this in the members the moment you walk through the door and you see this during the classes with members encouraging each other alongside the trainers – The environment that the guys have created there makes you feel a part of something and that if you put your mind to it because they will motivate you to do so, you know that things can be achieved.

RAW Inc is truly a family! I never thought I’d look forward to going to the gym to catch up with people and then wanting to put myself through a Bootcamp or HIIT class. From social events to doing the 8 week challenges and recently the Tough Mudder the camaraderie between everyone is infectious and it is such a buzz that you just want more.

Quite simply RAW Inc is the best gym about!

- Randeep Rehnsi, 30, Insurance Broker