An Inspirational Transformation!

"Pardip Rai puts in work for results."


Time To Make A Change...

Gyms are a funny thing, you know you should go, you know you will feel great once you're done, but my problem was I found them to be a bore, with no direction and no encouragement. I just walked round fairly aimlessly thinking the workout I had done was sufficient…………. Having been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid and the weight increasing, it was time to make a change……..

Raw is totally different, from that first boot camp class on Tuesday morning, there was direction and a real interest from the Raw team to make sure I was doing the exercises properly with encouragement from the other members. That was over a year ago……..

My outlook to the gym, classes and weights has now totally changed. I never used weights, not only because of the general misconception that my body would get bigger, but also because it was a "boys" thing(!) What a huge mistake, Raw has taught me that by using weights my body can be transformed, and it has! Having done the 8 week challenge (a period of 8 weeks where the Raw team gives and monitors nutrition with exercise classes such as boot camp and raw iron), followed by two 28 day challenges (delving into the nutrition world further, learning about macros and being given tailored work out plans), for the first time in so many years, I am leaner, fitter and so much stronger.

Raw has taught me to understand my body; what works and what doesn’t work. I am not treated as a number or a statistic, but a human with individual needs and medical issues which are different from other members…. where the usual blanket diet and workout programme will not work. Raw get that, they recognise it, they appreciate it and work with you (even understanding your love of vodka), to tailor the nutrition and workout programmes to work for you……..

It is true that you only get out what you put in, but with the help of Tom, Chloe and Phil, I have got more out of the past year at Raw then I have in my whole gym life. Thank you.

Pardip Rai, Solicitor