I Thought To Myself, Enough is Enough!

"Nickoletta changes her life around with Raw Inc."


Everything is Changing!

I first heard of Raw from my boyfriend, who spends almost every day down there and is probably their number one fan! Hearing him speak so highly about the gym, I decided to follow Raw on social media and find out what they were all about.

Looking through Raw's Facebook page and seeing the transformations from previous 8 week challengers, I thought to myself enough is enough! If they can do it why can’t I. I was verging onto a size 14, miserable and on anti depressants. Not only did I need to do this for myself but for my mental health also.

So...I joined the Raw inc family in January 2016 and started my first 8 week challenge with them. I was nervous, depressed and lazy so I was a little worried. 8 weeks of healthy eating, hard work and sweat I lost 26 pounds and 65.5cms, weighing my lightest and feeling my smallest.

Of course I didn't stop there, then came along another 8 week challenge, again loosing 18pounds and 51cms. So in total I've shed a heck load of weight and I'm happy! Don't get me wrong it was tough and it still is, the classes never get easier they just get a little more bearable because you become fitter. You don't go to a gym to do an easy workout, you go to work hard and we all do...and after we all feel like we have accomplished something. The classes are always different and the trainers and always motivating.

I'm honestly so grateful to Raw, not only have I lost weight and come off my anti depressants but I've met some amazing people and made some great friends. Thank you all for everything!

Nickoletta Gounaris, 25