My body was literally changing before my eyes....

"Joining RAW literally changed my life around for the better"


My body was literally changing before my eyes...

1st March 2014 was the day I completely took myself out of my comfort zone and went to my first ever bootcamp with RAW! I'd had two children and the 'baby weight' had just stuck around, I was feeling very low with zero confidence and I'd decided enough was enough, I had to go out and do something for myself!

The word 'bootcamp' actually terrified me... what was they going to make me do? could I even do it? Was I going to look like an idiot? All these doubts and questions running through my mind! When I turned up and got started, all my fears disappeared! I was suddenly doing some well needed exercise surrounded by friendly, encouraging people!

So my Saturday mornings at RAW became a regular thing, I started to look better, feel better and was actually enjoying myself! Then after a while I upped my once a week session to 2-3 times a week! I was getting fitter, dropped a dress size and felt great!

Then in the September of 2014 I thought I'd give the 8 week challenge a go! I was so determined, nothing was going to stop me! By the end of the 8 weeks I'd dropped another 2 dress sizes! Then someone said I should try doing the 'raw iron' classes! I'd never picked up a weight before in my life, the weights section of the gym was always a no go area for me, I'd always thought lifting weights was for men and I 'didn't want to get bulky'!! How wrong could I have been! Just to clarify, lifting weights does not make women bulky, it makes them strong, lean and a fat burning machine!!

So again, I pushed myself out of my nice little comfort zone and did an 'iron' class! Needless to say I loved it and lifting weights became a regular weekly thing for me! My body was literally changing before my eyes! I was now a converted 'woman who lifts weights' fan! Then at the end of 2015 I decided to enrol on a Fitness Instructor and Personal Training course as I wanted to help other people achieve their goals, I'd been there, done it and felt with my experiences I could really help other people do the same!

So, for anyone out there who would like to get fit, loose some weight, get healthy but has some doubts or fears, push them to one side and do something for you! Joining RAW literally changed my life around for the better, I'm happy, a lot more confident, fitter and healthier than I've ever been and have found something I'm absolutely passionate about! If I can do it, anyone can!

Sharon - Mother/Personal Trainer