Results don’t just come from the scales!

Unbelievable transformation from Katherine Glyde who has found a new love for training with Raw Inc.


Support, Enthusiasm & Raw Results!

After driving past Raw Inc daily for 3 months I decided to pluck up the courage to go in and try it out! Filled with gym phobia, thanks to previous gym and dieting experiences, I went to my first Raw Fit class at the end of March. To say I was terrified is a huge understatement but I've never looked back.

In May I decided it was time to step it up a gear, I was scarily overweight but ready to make a change. The day Chloe became my PT I left my comfort zone at the door and the results have been nothing short of incredible. Nothing can prepare you for the physical and mental struggles of losing weight. I'm so fortunate to have Chloe by my side to celebrate the highs and pick me back up during the lows. Without her tireless support and never ending enthusiasm I wouldn't have the results I do.

It's not been the easiest process, asking the girl who mostly drank Diet Coke and avoided vegetables wherever possible; to cut out the fizzy drinks and include vegetables in my breakfast seemed like an impossible task. But sticking with the plan and trusting the guidance has meant that I no longer see it as a diet but my normal way of life, the occasional cheat meal makes an appearance too!

Before Raw, training consisted of the occasional visits to the gym where I spent most of the time watching TV on the treadmill or bike. Classes were too scary and the weights section was a total no-go zone! Now I go to at least 4 classes a week, hitting new PBs all the time, Deadlifting 100kg and pulling a 170kg prowler; every day is different and no muscle escapes!

So having lost just over 5 stone now, I've not only dropped from a size 20 to a 12, my feet are two sizes smaller, my necklaces have got longer, my watch had to be made smaller and I'm able to wear rings again - results don't just come from the scales!

For me the thing that makes Raw Inc so different from other gyms is the community of people it's brought together. The Raw Family are the nicest, most supportive, caring bunch of people I've ever met. Regardless of your age, size or fitness level they'll be there to cheer you on whatever your goals.

It’s true what they say – surround yourself with like-minded people, success is a group activity!