I Have Achieved So Much With Raw Inc!

"I would recommend anyone anyone to try it."


You Can Achieve Anything You Want To...

I always loved fitness and in my school days was part of every club you could be a part of but as the years went on I became more in a rut and gave up on working out altogether and became a sofa junkie. One of my best friends had been going to Raw for years and always said for me to join, and one day I gave in to the nagging and decided to come along and see what it was all about. I was nervous and extremely unfit and the first class she took me to was an hour of boot camp (great friend) , but everyone seemed to be really friendly on arrival and the trainers running the session put me at ease straight away. After my first session as hard as it was, I felt like I had so much energy after so I started to come once or twice a week for a few months and then I caught the Raw bug (real thing) and signed up for a membership and tried to fit in 5-7 sessions a week and have never looked back. I even took part in the survivor series last year and made it through that just about, thanks to a great team.

Although my fitness was definitely increasing it wasn’t until I decided to overall my life style and with a combination of eating well and training at Raw daily, I managed change my appearance and my approach to working out and food and lose 4 stone in 4/5 months. Without a doubt without Raw I would never of lost the weight and kept it off but with the amazing classes they provide where no class is every the same it keeps you completely hooked and you never get bored.

I don’t live round the corner to Raw and it can take me some time to get to each class, but the time spent in the car is worth its weight in gold as Raw really is the best place to train, where the trainers are fantastic and know exactly what they are doing, where you are pushed, the people are so friendly and you never know what to expect until you turn up.

I have achieved so much by being part of Raw, I lost the weight I wanted to, my fitness levels have increased dramatically, I get to train with great people, the only downside is to my bank balance as I now own more work out gear than my usual clothes. Would recommend anyone to give it ago as if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want to.

Jade Markham, Banker