Hard Work & Dedication Equals Results!

"I'm on the road to a healthy and happier life because of Raw."


Another Happy Customer!

Well it started a year ago when my sister persuaded me to start accompanying her to sessions. Being a couch potatoe the sessions were brutal but enjoyable and after doing some stations and collapsing for the rest we started to go more and actually get better at it.

Then came the October 8 week challenge where my sister thought it be good for us both to do,but ended up signing up by myself.

After sitting in the seminar thinking what have I let myself in for, this won't be possible,then the count down began.

It was a mixture of feeling good and at times tough however, each week when the scales decreased alongside the measurements, it made me feel more confident and with the support from the Raw team I knew I could carry on,and 12.1kg later and the biggest loser it was the end.... Well that was until the beginning of January where it all started again.

Now after losing 24.2kg in total and 100cm, going from a size 22 to14/12, and the only thing I gained, was a bucket full of confidence. I'm on the road to a healthy and happier life because of Raw. And finally, finding that exercising can be fun, as well as finding a community in Raw that support and don't judge.

Now after losing just over 5 stone, since my journey began with Raw, my life can now start...

Georgie Sparks