Top Fat Loss Supplements

Educate and arm yourself with this useful information!


We know that eating well and training are the foundations of every successful fat loss plan however sometimes there’s a few supplements in the armoury to help push things along even more. Here’s our ‘what and why’ on the top 5 supplements to boost your fat loss.


These can come from your day to day dietary intake, however more often then not supplementing fish oil is beneficial as it improves the bodies ability to utilise stored energy and burn fat. They are beneficial for helping to improve insulin sensitivity, which in basic terms means our bodies will use food to refuel energy stores rather then store it as body fat.


This amino acid offers an abundance of benefits not only for fat burning but also for overall health. It is hugely beneficial for gut health helping to ensure we function as we should digesting food effectively, essential if we are to benefit from the nutrients contained in our food. It can also be beneficial to the bowels, research showing its use improves IBS symptoms. How is this beneficial to fat loss? A healthy body functioning at 100% will be much more effective at fat loss compared to a body functioning sub optimally with various issues. One final benefit of Glutamine is that is been shown to help curb sugar and alcohol cravings too making diet adherence that little bit easier.


Recommendation 3 and 4 are separate on our list but normally we like to supplement them together in the evening to aid with quality sleep. Magnesium has a calming effect on the bodies nervous system helping you to unwind in the evening prior to going to sleep. If you struggle to unwind in the evening or your mind is racing then magnesium will help remedy this. Other benefits include its positive effect on serotonin levels which helps boost your mood, as well as its ability to boost insulin sensitivity which again boosts the bodies ability to burn fat!


Alongside the magnesium, zinc is beneficial during sleep as it helps aid recovery and repair which is important when looking to function optimally and strip fat. If you don’t recover properly you will not function fully which will hold back your fat loss goals. Zinc will also help boost production of T-Cells in the body improving immune function and helping to fight illness. Your sleep quality will improve drastically when supplementing with zinc & magnesium, and that is just one of a number of benefits they provide.


We often find that people struggle to consume enough solid protein based food sources either due to a lack of time to stop and eat, or a lack of appetite. To combat this protein supplements in liquid form are an easy solution. Now, protein shakes and similar products are often associated with those looking to build muscle, however we know that protein intake is essential for effective fat loss too. For fat loss we need to be in a calorie deficit but too much of a deficit and we run the risk of sacrificing muscle mass which we want to keep at all costs. Muscle mass is metabolically active meaning it burns lots of calories which makes fat loss easier in the long run, so more muscle means more calories burnt. Additionally, maintaining muscle mass will help create a more aesthetically pleasing and healthier physique.

These are just some recommendations that we know to be beneficial with our daily clients. Always aim to use the best quality supplements available, as poor quality products will not offer the same benefits.