Top 5 Reasons Fat Loss Isn't Happening

Identify the specifics that will help you reach your fat loss goals.


We’ve all been in that place where we are desperate to drop a bit of the excess fat but it just doesn’t seem to be happening regardless of what we try! We’re going to give you 5 reasons why, identifying specifics that might be holding back from your fat loss goals.

Before reading our top 5 below it will be a massive help if you can understand the theory of Energy Balance. This is the foundation of basic weight loss and is the starting point for any body composition goal.

If calories consumed from food & drink are more than the calories we burn from day to day movement & physical activity then we will put weight on. If the number of calories burned are greater than those we consume then we will lose weight. If the number consumed matches the number being burnt then our weight will remain the same. This is a basic summary and in many cases it goes deeper then this, however without first having this equation working in your favour then progress will not happen.

1. You’re eating too much rubbish.

There’s no way around it- If you’re eating poorly then the chance of you dropping body fat is going to be extremely slim. Poor food choices often result in a high calorie intake meaning you are providing the body with an abundance of fuel, and if the body doesn’t need this fuel then it will simply store it for future use. Unfortunately for us though it gets stored as body fat meaning we are moving further away from our goal. As a start point clean up your eating sticking to natural, unprocessed foods, consume lots of water and limiting your portion size to avoid over eating.

2. You need to get more active.

Deep down we know it but maybe choose to ignore it as it means getting hot, sweaty and maybe a bit uncomfortable-If we want to boost our fat loss then getting active is a must! It doesn’t mean you must pound away for hours on a treadmill or grunt and shout lifting weights with the meatheads in the gym. For those just starting out it means moving more each day then you currently are by walking to the station or taking the stairs instead of the lift to use a bit more energy and get that equation working in your favour. That provides a start point after which the introduction of gym visits or exercise classes will again push things on further. If you’re already a regular at the gym but aren’t seeing progress then it may be one of the other 4 reasons that’s stopping you moving forward.

3. You’re kidding yourself.

You can tell yourself that you’re eating the right things and training hard but the cold truth is that you’re not. It may be down to a lack of knowledge (which is why we are here) or it might be that you choose to overlook those few glasses of wine or that mars bar but it’s these things that are potentially stopping you from progressing, and if you do want to see some progress then it’s time to get your head out the sand and face up to it. The best way to combat this is to keep an honest food diary and accurately track everything you consume daily over the course of a week. After 7 days look back over it and highlight the things you think may be detrimental to your advancement. If there’s lots of highlighter marks then the following week do the same and try to reduce the number of highlighter marks you make. If there’s not many marks then maybe something else is stopping the fat loss. Remember, you don’t have to live like a monk but you do need to be honest with yourself if you’re to be successful.

4. You need to be patient.

In today’s society everything is instant and ‘on demand’, tv, emails and photos too. Waiting for something and being patient is almost unheard of however with fat loss it’s essential. As you’re probably aware if you’re reading this, results don’t happen overnight and although at times it can be painstakingly slow, any progress is a step in the right direction so don’t write it off just because things aren’t happening instantly. Slower more measured progress is much healthier, more sustainable and often more enjoyable/tolerable. Most importantly, the smaller gradual changes increase the chance that we’ll be able to follow them through and develop them as habits, ensuring we keep the results we achieve and don’t pile our lost body fat back on! Aim for 1-2lbs per week and over the course of a year that’s a huge drop!!

5. You’re taking 1step forward & 2 steps back.

. If you do want faster results then consistency will be your biggest ally. All too often a week of sensible healthy eating will be rewarded at the weekend with a flood of poor dietary choices undoing all the hard work done during the week. This cycle continues, generating more and more frustration at the lack of progress until eventually the goal to lose body fat is abandoned. A more consistent approach carried on over the course of the weekend, with perhaps a single treat meal rather than a weekend full of them, would allow progress to be maintained. Get consistent and start seeing the results you’re searching for!