Nothing But Results At Raw Inc.

Another Success Story From Raw Inc.
Read how Denise Linay has achieved the results she was looking for with the help of Raw Inc.


The classes are varied and fun. You never know what is coming next!

Denise Linay

I have been with Raw Inc. from the beginning (January 2013). I wasn’t new to exercising. I had belonged to various gyms, swum the 5 great swims in 2011 and cycled to Paris in 2013. But it is only since joining Raw Inc. that I have achieved the changes I have sought for many years. I am now at a healthy weight, fit and having fun.

The real turning point came when I signed up for the New Year, New Body challenge at the beginning of this year. For the first time I really got the relationship between good nutrition and exercise. I introduced changes to my diet which I have maintained. Not only do I look better on it I feel amazing. No mid-afternoon energy slumps and I sleep a lot better. The only down side is that I am now a regular at Holland and Barrett stocking up with nuts, seeds and other healthy goodies.

I do 2 (sometimes 3) bootcamps sessions a week plus a personal training session with Chloe. I share this session with my daughter, Charlotte, which adds a bit of friendly competition. Chloe certainly pushes us but the results are clear to see. I can now deadlift 82.5 kg and flip a 150 kg tractor tyre.

Unlike conventional gyms I have never felt that my age was an issue. I am sure some gyms would love to bar anyone over 40. I am 55. Tom and Chloe are very inclusive of all ages and all levels of fitness.

The classes are varied and fun. You never know what is coming next!

I have worked as a nurse and a midwife in the past so have always had a keen interest in health but I am so inspired by what I have achieved that I have decided to train to become a personal trainer with a view to working with older adults. Hopefully I will successfully complete the first step (Level 2 Gym Instructor) in September.