Time For Change...

Read how David shifted his excess weight with Raw Inc.


Smaller Suits and Bigger Weights!

It eventually happens to most people that their lifestyle choices catch up with them and once they realise this then they know its time to make a change, and I was no different. The partying, drinking and lack of exercise eventually led to weight gain, and this left me unhappy in myself and was the catalyst for change...

I knew the guys at RAW Inc and decided that it was time to get involved with them and start shifting some of the excess weight gained from my typical twenty-something lifestyle. Initially I started hitting the bootcamp sessions which were tough but also fun, however I eventually decided I wanted to take things up a gear and had always enjoyed the gym and doing weight training so started seeing Tom for personal training. This enabled me to start focusing on not only exercise that I enjoyed, but also the food side of things too which had a huge factor on progress. We weren’t after a crash diet but instead we focused on an ongoing long term plan where Tom helped educate me on nutrition so I had the knowledge for myself rather than just being told what to do.

Over time the weight began to drop off, strength and performance increased, and health checks at work were coming back with exceptional results which hadn’t been the case previously. This was a weight off my mind but most importantly I began to feel good in myself, buying new smaller suits for work and lifting big weights in the gym, progress had been definitely been made!

It wasn’t until the week of my wedding recently that I looked back on some old photos and realised how far I’d come, and saw that the dedication & commitment I’d shown since starting training had left me in the best shape of my life for the biggest day of my life (so far!!). I really can’t thank the guys at RAW Inc enough for their help and support over the years to not only lose the weight in the first place but with the right training and modified eating habits I have been able to keep the weight off. These guys not only motivate me but also have helped me be my own motivation to be better.

David Welsh - Banking Officer