The Journey So Far!

Dave Rae discovered Raw Inc and ,
got in the best shape of his life!


"I Feel and Look So Much Better"

I first started going to RAW as my wife kept on at me about putting on a bit of timber, only she didn't word it so nicely.

I have been on and off at gyms most of my life, including fitness first, virgin, gym group,everyone active etc, but after a while it bored me. Sometimes it would take a year, sometimes 2 months, but after the same old workouts week in week out i always got bored.

I decided to look at different ways of keeping fit and looked for cross fit/bootcamp gyms in my area. Thats when i discovered RAW Inc, and also that they were about to commence an 8 week challenge!!!

I spoke to my brother about signing up, then got bored waiting so went alone and signed up on my own.

The challenge started in 3 days time, when there was a seminar to give details about how to get the best results using food planning, not diets, and workouts. I have never in my life been to any sort of gym class so decided to do a class the Friday before. What a wake up call!! I spent most of the class outside just managing not to be sick. I was as fit as a fiddle that had been smashed against a wall and stamped on.

The seminar was very informative, and the first chance to meet some other members of the RAW "Family". I went home, spoke to my better half, chucked a load of crap food out of the fridge and drunk my beers. Time for a lifestyle change.

I knocked my weekend drinking on the head, stocked up on decent food and booked a load of classes. To say it was tough at first was an understatement, but all the staff and trainers are very knowledgeable and encouraging and help you to push that bit further. I go to around 5 classes per week, and not being a shrinking violet, got chatting to a lot of the other members. There are no airs and graces in this gym, no egos, everyone seems to be on the same wave length with the same goals. To get fitter and have fun doing it.

There are people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities and everyone seems to encourage the next person. It creates an atmosphere where you actually look forward to going to the gym, rather than put it off with the smallest excuse.

I completed the 8 week challenge, completely changed my eating habits, whilst still eating loads, and managed to lose about a stone and 10 cms from my waist. I was amazed at the before and after pictures, mainly as it highlighted how out of shape i actually was. My wife was always..

My wife, Natasha then joined up and we started working out together, which i enjoy. When i started there was no way i could have worked out with her as i was so unfit, but now i keep up.

RAW inc then put together a team of about 50 people "RAW Inc Runners" to participate in Tough Mudder 5k which I joined. The day was superb, with great camaraderie and team work and a lot of laughs. I was happy that i managed to do the whole 5k and obstacles, when only 2 months previous running 100m would have given me a cardiac arrest.

Natasha and I are now on the 6 Week Challenge, and again my measurements are dropping, as are Natashas.

I have now signed up for the RAW survivor series at the end of the month, and am enjoying the friendly banter between some of the members. Although I believe the other teams will be fighting between themselves for 2nd place..

All in, I would like to say a big thanks to all the trainers for their encouragement, knowledge and generally friendly ways..also to other members of RAW for making it a friendly place to go, but most importantly i would like to say a big thanks to Natasha for no longer calling me fat. I feel and look so much better and am enjoying doing so!!

- Dave Rae, 45, Business Owner