Another Succesful Story From Raw Inc.
Danielle Wainwright has achieved the body she has always wanted with the help of Raw Inc.


It Has Really Changed My Life!

Danielle Wainwright, Teacher, 21

I started Bootcamps at RAWInc around May/June last year as I finally realised I had let myself get to a size I had never been before and I really wasn't comfortable with. My first session was hell - I couldn't make it through a whole session but the only way from there was up and soon I was addicted.

Come October I decided, with my 21st birthday party imminent, that I really wanted to push for results both in terms of dress size and physical fitness so began personal training sessions. Alongside Bootcamp sessions I began to see drastic changes. I felt better than I could have imagined for my birthday and three months later in March 2014 I reached a weight loss of 2 stone. I am now aiming towards a body that is fit and healthy, with a bikini bum, and training towards Men's Health Survival of the Fittest in November this year!

I never thought that I could have achieved the results I am seeing and I can't thank Tom and Chloe enough for the help and support they have given me. It really has changed my life!