" I Would Recommend It To Anyone! "

Personal Training sessions have helped Chelsea
gain confidence and most importantly lose weight!


Every Session Is A Lesson

Well.. where do I start with Raw? I first visited in 2016 when I’d stumbled across this red branded (eye catching!) gym on instagram.

I was so scared the first time I went but I soon realised that actually everyone was in the same boat. No one looks at you, no one judges you because they’re all too busy trying to catch their breath too. So 2 years on I decided that I wanted to make big changes and start personal training with Tom. My boyfriend was having regular PTs and loved them so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’ve had personal trainers before but my experiences had never been great, they were too busy on their phone or talking about themselves for a full hour. I work long hours 6 days of the week so to me my spare time is precious. As soon as my first hour had started I knew I wanted to carry on with my first ever transformation, Tom made me feel so motivated! We got on straight away and I really enjoyed his company.

So 8 weeks later, I’m silly amounts of CM down, KGs down but my confidence has never been so high. So, Tom, thank you for your patience, time and awful jokes! And Tom and chloe, thank you for creating a gym where egos are left at the door and every session is a lesson.

You’ve created a monster of a gym that everyone who joins becomes completely engrossed in the process. I’m stronger, fitter and more confident because of Raw Inc and I’d recommend it to anyone.

- Chelsea Sharp, 24, Business Manager