I joined Raw after moving roles at work. My new role was more desk bound and I began eating on the run combining this with long hours and increased stress. As I spent more time behind the desk I did less training, began to gain weight and feel lethargic. I was in a rut. I decided I needed to make some changes. This was not a healthy combination. I had previously run marathons, taken part in team adventure and obstacles races. I always enjoyed that functional fitness aspect of training but couldn’t get that from some of the mainstream commercial gyms I’d been to.

I then tried Raw. My first session was a Tuesday morning bootcamp. I warmed up in the corner getting a feel for the venue and class. The instructor came over said hello and put me at ease straight away by reminding me to ‘enjoy the session’. After the warm up I was introduced to the mini prowler, burpees and deadants. I then moved on to meet assault bike, ski erg and rower. Not sure I liked any of my new friends but I knew I was working hard. I was hooked from the start.

No class is ever same. Within weeks I could feel progression. The Raw trainers work me hard, push me pass my limit of expectations but always in a friendly and safe manner. There are no egos, the gym is clearly a community and everyone was welcoming from day one.

Since being part of Raw I have taken part in 2 of the 8 week transformations and 2 Survivor Series. During the 8 week challenges you get 1 to 1 advice on nutrition and training. This really helped me focus on how I needed to train and what I needed to eat. The 8 week challenge photos really focus your mind to ensure you train. The two weekly check ins with the Raw Trainers keep you on track.

I’d say the best and proudest moment so far has been the fact my son joined me at Raw and watching him take part and win the Survivor Series. He was beaming and so was I.

I can happily say Raw is a fantastic gym. The team are genuine, passionate and extremely knowledgeable.
The community spirit and healthy competiveness within the classes really drives people to work harder and achieve their goals.
Bill Duffy, 45