Life Changing Fitness Transformation...

Read how Alex changed his life around with 121 Personal Training


Within A Year I Lost 48kg!

My journey began in Autumn 2015 after seeing my doctor and getting a scary report from him warning me my health was in a seriously dangerous condition. He also told me if I continue with my life style a heart attack or diabetes will come very soon.

That was the wake up call I needed- My clothes size was XXL some XXXL, jeans 44-46 waist. I couldn't fit properly to any public transport seats or airplane seats. I realised I needed to make a change and then it happened...

At the beginning of November 2015 I walked into RAW Inc asking for some help and advice. The members of staff gave me a very warm welcome and I decided 121 personal training was the way to go for me. When I met my trainer Phil on the reception desk I asked him a simple question whether he's ready to start working with a man like me with weighing 169kg. The answer I got was "See you next week Monday for our 1st session"

I followed Phils recommendations and the changes came very soon and my body weight dropped significantly. Then Phil suggested the group exercise classes to supplement our 121 work.

Being honest the first couple of sessions were extremely tough and I found the exercises difficult and wanted to keep up with the others. However doing what I could I kept going through what I once thought impossible, the support and encouragement from others in the class pushed me on and made for an absolutely brilliant atmosphere during the workout. Every session was different and tough so remember "Easier Doesn't Work"

There is no other words to say other than I became addicted to RAW Inc, from personal training, to the fitness classes and to the all people who helped and are still helping me out.

Within a year I lost around 48kg dropped to the size L and XL and made huge big progress in performance too, finding a strength I never knew I had!

My life has now changed, and I'm healthier, more confident in myself and I know whatever life throws at me i can handle it and I won't give up.

Big Alex - Local Business Owner