Another Succesful Story From Raw Inc.
Jack Garforth Took Part in The 21 Day Body Blast Challenge and Loved It!


One Of The Best Descicions I Have Ever Made...

I had been training with Tom and Chloe at RAW Inc bootcamp for over a year, since it started. I had seen great results in fitness and stamina and with Tom and Chloe’s drive and support I had been pushed to the limit and beyond but loved every minute of it. With these great results I was happy but I have never been satisfied with my body shape. I’ve always been on the large side since I was young but always had a good fitness throughout.

So I spoke with Tom about this and he suggested the 21 Day Body Blast Challenge. I expressed my concerns with the diet as I had been on one or two before and they never worked for me. Tom assured me though that with a personalised diet and exercise programme (if stuck too) the results would come.

I found the first 3-4 days hard but after that I got into the swing of things and it soon became a routine.

The Challenge Began.

I had the gold programme so had 2 PT sessions a week as well as the three bootcamp sessions which really helped me to stay focused. The first week I was tired but once my body got used to the diet and the increase of training, I started to have more energy, I could feel my clothes starting to loosen and I was sleeping like a baby.

Looking back I loved every minute of training as it was never the same and always something different, and I managed to lose 15lbs and over 10 Inch’s in just 21 days, safe to say I was happy!.

A Change Of Lifestyle.

Now after the 21 days I’ve adapted the way I eat so that I eat clean most of the time but I can still go out and enjoy a drink or have meal. Doing the 21 day challenge was by far, one of the best decisions I have made. And I feel a lot better about my body now.