Dean explains how Raw Inc. has helped turn his life around!


Wish I'd Found Bootcamp Earlier.

Prior to me visiting bootcamp I was eating what I wanted, when I wanted and unfortunately at that time what I wanted was all the wrong food! To add to this, my exercise consisted of walking between my desk and the printer at work.

I had previously tried gyms but I didn’t really enjoy it or find myself motivated to attend and it didn’t really feel like it was having any effect on me physically or mentally.

A friend and work colleague recommended I try the Raw Inc bootcamp, I apprehensively attended my first session. I completed my first session and found it to be hard work but I definitely felt like I had been working, I was shocked to find that I had actually enjoyed it. Over time it has changed me mentally as well, the way I feel about diet and exercise has changed.

I now eat much better; I attend bootcamp at least twice a week and supplement that with exercise at home where possible. I find the trainers to be friendly and approachable and enjoy the social side of visiting the bootcamps, I find it to be a really fun place to go and never fail to find myself laughing with other attendees.

I was shocked to find that I actually enjoyed it.

Many people have commented on the difference to me both physically and mentally since attending the bootcamps, I find myself personally feeling so much better and wish I’d found out about bootcamps earlier. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Raw Inc bootcamps to anyone.