Another Succesful Story From Raw Inc.
Martyn Betts Has Made An Impressive Transformation!

Buy New Clothes or Shed Extra Pounds?

Martyn Betts, Senior Manager, 33

January this year I decided enough is enough of feeling uncomfortable due to my clothes getting tighter and tighter. I decided I had two options: buy new clothes or shed the extra pounds and I had been recommended Raw Inc Bootcamp so thought I'd give it a go!

10 months later and I'm not only fitting into my large size clothing but I've actually moved down to a medium, as well as completing the 7k Spartan Running Race with the Raw Inc team which at the beginning of the year, I would have laughed at even the suggestion of entering

Thanks to both Tom and Chloe at Raw I'm now healthier and fitter than I've ever been which at 33 is a nice feeling!"