About RAW Inc.


RAW Inc Training was created to provide effective, fad free training in a positive, community based environment.

Our training sessions do require hard work and are not easy but do produce positive results and benefits inside and outside of the gym.

The community of likeminded individuals who drag you along when you’re struggling and who you motivate when they have their own off days, added together with our training methods means things happen- fitness improves, strength goes up, body fat drops, health improves and friendships are forged.

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A Team you can trust

Meet Your Coaches

  • Tom White
  • Founder of RAW Inc

Tom believes exercise is for everyone but at the root of achieving real results lies hard work. Whatever your level, exercise with Raw Inc can be scaled and should always be challenging and hopefully fun too.

  • Chloe White
  • Founder of RAW Inc

Chloe is one of the founders of Raw Inc alongside her Husband Tom White. She is fiercely passionate about helping others and making them get the most out of their training with a positive 'can do' attitude!

  • Thomas Murphy
  • Personal trainer

Tom M looks to help people through more than just a session on the gym floor. Goal setting, accountability & mindset assessments are vital tools he uses to acheive drastic yet sustainable results with his clients...

  • Sharon O’Sullivan
  • Personal trainer

As a mother of two Sharon knows the struggles that parents face day to day when it comes to getting in shape. "I've been there, gone through the processes and can really relate to people who step through our door feeling nervous, wanting to lose weight but not having the confidence or knowledge to do it alone!"

  • Jack Garforth
  • Personal trainer

Jack knows what it takes to get results helping him to empathise with clients and relate to the journey they are on, a priceless tool for any coach to have. It his own personal experience of training combined with his natural ability to get the best out of people that makes Jack an exceptional part of the RAW Inc set up.

  • Ivan Corsby
  • Personal Trainer

Ivan began training at RAW over 2 years ago to supplement his martial arts and was so impressed with the results he enquired about joining our team. Fully qualified with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine Ivan has a diploma in Personal Training for Optimum Performance.

Our group training is designed to get you fit and get results. We don’t like to pigeon hole our training style but instead focus on what is most effective for the job in hand.

All of our sessions, unless otherwise stated cater for a mixed ability. All we ask is that you give 100% effort regardless of your fitness level.

You need to create an account on the Mindbody booking page and then from there you can either purchase a pay as you go class session, or contact us for membership & RAW Academy sign up.

Anyone looking to join RAW Inc as a member has to go through the RAW Academy process or the 8 Week Challenge Onboarding session. This gives you a chance to check us out before committing to a membership and allows our coaches to assess your start point with us and provide the most effective training experience possible.

Payment for classes and the 8 Week Challenge are made online via Mindbody however RAW Academy is paid at the gym.

RAW Inc isn’t a fashion show so comfortable trainers and clothes you can move around freely in are recommended. We do have showers and changing facilities if required.

Contact us directly via email or phone for anything related to personal training or small group training.

If you want to enquire about training with Raw Inc. or joining any of the classes but want more info please drop us an email.