28 Days Later
Transformation Challenge

What You Receive

- 28 Days of tailored training & nutrition
- 12 Private small group training sessions for ‘28 Days Later…’ participants
- Tailored training plan to suit ability
- Personalised fat loss nutrition plan
- Opening Seminar
- 3 x 121 Consultations to track progress & answer questions
- Before & After photos (optional)

Left it a little late to get in shape for your holiday or just want to feel better about yourself & shift some unwanted jiggly bits? Fear not, the 28 Days Later Transformation Challenge is the ideal programme to get you looking and feeling good using a tailored resistance training plan combined with personalised nutrition approach.

By now we all know that resistance training is the best option for stripping body fat & getting in great shape so this programme incorporates private group weight training sessions tailored to your ability to maximise fat loss. You cant out train a bad diet though so we’ve got that covered too with a custom nutrition plan that goes deeper than anything seen at RAW Inc before!

We’ll provide the plans, you just need to bring the work ethic and dedication needed to get those results!

Challenge Price: £148.00

Extremely Limited Availability

Next Challenge Opening Seminar - 12/08/2016

- First Group Training Session - 22/8/2016

Limited Availability

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